Developing Fractions Sense C: Teacher Set – 5th Grade


Developing Fractions Sense Student Workbook C, the Instructional Hints & Answer Key booklet, and one set of plastic fraction blocks.

The Developing Fractions Sense Student Workbook C has 46 lessons, some very short, focusing on the 5th-grade fractions standards, and 3 enrichment lessons on dividing a mixed fraction by a unit fraction. All concepts are introduced via the fraction blocks before students are shown arithmetic approaches.


Developing Fractions Sense C Class Set

Every new concept or skill is introduced concretely using fraction blocks, or visually using rectangular grids, before the student is provided with the symbolic or arithmetic approach. This concrete-to-symbolic approach enables conceptual learning.

The Developing Fractions Sense C  Class Set for Thirty Students, DFS-C1030C, includes the Developing Fractions Sense Student Workbook C and a set of attractive plastic fraction blocks for each student, as well as a teacher guide with an answer key.