Hands-On Equations Class Set

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Class Set of Hands-On Equations for Teacher and 10 Students. Includes the Hands-On Equations Learning System (S-1000), 10 sets of student kits, each consisting of a flat laminated scale and a set of game pieces, Teacher’s Demonstration Balance Scale and Game Pieces, classroom worksheet reproduction rights, and answer key.


Hands-On Equations

A Powerful Learning Methodology!

Hands-On Equations is a supplementary program that can be used with any math curriculum to provide students with a concrete foundation for algebra. This hands-on, intuitive approach enhances student self-esteem and interest in mathematics for students in grades 3 and up.

Level 1: Lessons 1 – 7 Red Booklet

Students use the red cubes and blue pawns to set up and solve equations such as:
4x + 3 = 3x + 9 and 2(2x + 1) = 3x + 10.

What Are the Benefits of Using Hands-On Equations?

  • It is a game-like approach that fascinates students
  • The gestures or “legal moves” used to solve the equations reinforce the concepts at a deep kinesthetic level
  • The program can be used as early as the 3rd grade with gifted students, 4th grade with average students, and 5th grade with students with learning disabilities; it also serves as an excellent component of a middle-school prealgebra program
  • Students attain a high level of success with the program
  • The program provides students with a strong foundation for later algebraic studies

Level 2: Lessons 8 – 16 Blue Booklet

Students use the red cubes, blue pawns, and white pawns to set up and solve equations such as: 2x = x + 6 and 2xx + 2 = x + 10.

Note: Star, written as an x with a crossbar through it, xis a new mathematical notation developed by Dr. Borenson for the opposite of x. It is a more compact symbol than the traditional notation, (-x).

Once students have learned the algebraic concepts using the star notation and the white pawn, they are then ready to transfer their learning and make sense of examples such as 2x + (-x) + 3 = 2(-x) + 12 and 2x – (-x) = 15.

Level 3: Lessons 17 – 26 Green Booklet

Students use the red cubes, blue pawns, white pawns, and green cubes to set up and solve equations such as:
2x + 3 = – 6 + x and x – 2(x + 2) = 5.

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9 reviews for Hands-On Equations Class Set

  1. Preparing students for 5th grade

    maria Marrero (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent to close the school year with some 5th grade algebraic strategies. My students love the game and turn it into real operations.

  2. Manipulative Believer

    Jeanelle Peet (Verified Purchase)

    I teach middle school, Algebra 1, and Geometry for a small Catholic school. I used this product for math tutoring. The students that came in HATED math. These students would cry in math because it never made sense to them. Within our first hour together, these same students were solving mylti-step equations with variables on both sides. They were able to flip between abstract equations and concrete manipulatives. One student has had an IEP for math . This student self taught lessons 3-9 after exposure to the first two lessons. Miracle application for those students that feel they are not good at math or don’t understand math.

  3. Super for Elementary students

    Customer (Verified Purchase)

    This product is just as advertised and was a big help with my students!

  4. Teaching Algebra

    Teacher (Verified Purchase)

    This is the best set of algebra manipulatives that I’ve found!

  5. It works! Have used it before!

    Rowena V. West (Verified Purchase)

    This product is outstanding for teaching students Algebra. It take them from concrete to representational and finally, abstract. The formula for total success!

  6. A "MUST-HAVE" product for your classroom!

    Staci J. McDaniel (Verified Purchase)

    I’m a math educator and am completely in love with Hands-On Equations!! Last year, I used it for 5th grade enrichment. It’s such an amazing product that I even worked with a 1st grader last year to do problems such as: 3(x+2)+x=x+9!!! When algebra is taught at the conceptual level, it’s amazing how simple it is!! This product is a MUST-HAVE for middle schools!!! They have multiple class size kits sizes and even a digital version! Best product ever!

  7. The best method I've ever seen for introducing Algebra!

    Jonathan Dowell (Verified Purchase)

    I first saw this used at a demonstration in which the superintendent was asked to provide some students who were NOT mathematically inclined; he went to the innermost of the inner city middle & elementary schools and had them send students of middling performance, most of who confessed that they hated math. After about 15 minutes of demonstrating how to use the kit, the kids were experts at solving 2, 3, and 4-step algebraic equations – and none of them were yet in Pre-Algebra -and they were asking form more problems! The most avid solver was the first to admit he hated math, & it was later revealed that he was ADHD & had not taken his medication that morning! That was 25 years ago, and I still use this.

  8. Greatest Math Kit Ever

    jbatti (Verified Purchase)

    This is the most effective way of teaching beginning algebra ever. It is so clear and being hands on it really helps the students remember what to do. Superb product. I’ve been teaching for 40 years and this is the best kit I’ve ever seen.

  9. Excellent for Algebra

    Picqued (Verified Purchase)

    These are the best for making beginning algebra Hands On!

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