The Fun Way to Learn Algebra App

With an intuitive visual interface, The Fun Way to Learn Algebra is a very enjoyable application. This free app presents the first three lessons of Hands-On Equations. Ideal for anyone age 8 and up.

“The Fun Way to Learn Algebra is perfect for introducing algebra to students.” –

This is how the App works:

  • The unknown x is represented by a blue pawn while the constants are represented by number cubes.
  • In Lesson 1 the icons do not move. The student uses thinking or guess and check to solve the equations.
  • Beginning with Lesson 2, the student places the game pieces on the balance scale to represent the two sides of the equation.
  • Beginning with Lesson 3, the student simplifies the equation by removing pawns from the balance to solve for the unknown X.
  • The student verifies his/her solution by resetting the problem to conduct the check.
  • Feedback is provided to the student in the check phase of the problem.
  • Simple touch features are used to move the pieces around.
  • An expert instructional video is included for each lesson.
  • An intuitive user interface makes the app easy to use.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating is 4.6 out of 5

Failed algebra

“I failed algebra in college I just could not understand it until I found this app. In under 15 minutes I had it! It was the easiest way to learn! Please if you have trouble with algebra get this app. I finally get it!”

The Concept actually MAKES SENSE! 

“I’m 11 years old and I’m going into middle school next year where they are going to be teaching algebra. Of course I’m scared out of my mind even though I’m ok at math. When they introduced me to algebra in 5th Grade the concept was confusing and I forgot it easily. Now that it is summer I have to prepare for the advanced math, but I needed an concept that is easy to remember and short. My mom found me this app and when I tried the concept it was really easy and actually kind of fun. I played it over and over again and said I rather play this app than take a shower. ? Now here I am writing a review because I love this app so much. So GET THE APP if you can! less.”


“I’m 41 years old and have dyscalculia. I’ve never really understood how to solve simple linear equations…..till I found this set of lessons. I can’t describe how amazing it is to finally get a glimpse of how algebra works. The progression through each lesson and the visuals flipped the “understand switch” in my brain. Amazing, simple and brain changing.”

Really good

“It is exactly like my teacher taught except it is electronic instead of paper and pencil.”

Clear Directions 

“The instruction video is very clear and makes it easy to learn this amazingly simple system. Algebra has never been made easier, and the exercises are fun to complete.”

Absolutely Fantanstic 

“Like a lot of people i am absolutely terrible with math, well being 20 I’m getting ready to start working for a union in which i need to take an aptitude test. Algebra is a big big part of that teat and thanks to this app, i am now ready and able to take this test. I would recommend this app to anyone and everyone.”

You may not believe this, but. .

“I’m over 50 yrs old and never caught on to algebra. Flunked it twice. Had to take general math to graduate HS, and the only thing that stands in my way of any sort of degree is(drumroll) MATH. So I’m actually for the first time getting the hang of algebra. Go figure! I haven’t gone beyond the free app, but I’m inclined towards checking that out too.”

Math made fun 

“I haven’t had to do math in 20 years. Never had Algebra in high school. Never went to college. This is truly a fun and easy way to learn.”

AMAZING, EASY. Use this, you will not regret it 

“I am 25 and have always been bad at math, I skipped out on college because I was nervous I simply was not smart enough. I decided to join the military and algebra is required on the test. I took a practice test and I failed miserably, I was so lost trying to figure the problems out. It was very embarrassing for me, I decided to teach myself again. I bought a book and it was like reading an alien language. I thought, “it’s 2017, I’m sure there’s an app for that” sure enough I stumbled across this. Took me no longer than an hour to re grasp the concept of algebra. The visual learning in this app is fantastic and a lot easier than how I learned when I was a kid. I am glad I downloaded this app and I suggest it to ANYONE who wants to relearn but has a hard time with numbers like I do.”