Early Algebra for the Interactive Whiteboard

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NOTE: This Windows PC application may also be used to conduct remote instruction during the pandemic.

Designed for teachers of gifted students in grades 1 to 3. Students determine the unknown value in addition and subtraction equations, and they evaluate expressions using objects and drawings. This application consists of eight lessons with 10 examples per lesson. A video overview is included illustrating a sample problem for each lesson. A set of worksheets, one per lesson, and an answer key are also included. May be used with Promethean, Mimio, and other interactive whiteboards.

This Windows application is also available as an Interactive Download. If you are a MAC user, please write to [email protected] to inquire about the MAC download.


Early Algebra for the Interactive White Board

Each license includes the following BONUS: An Instructional Video Manual, a set of worksheets, and an answer key.

  • Evaluate 1: 2a + 3p if a = 5 and p = 10.
  • Example 2: Find the unknown value in 3a – a + 2p – p = 2a + ___
  • Example 3: 4 + __ + 5 = 10 – 2 + 3

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