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One Hands-On Equations Stiudent Kit [K-1000]


Additional set of student game pieces and flat laminated balance for use with the Hands-On Equations program.


Ten Hands-On Equations Student Kits [10 K-1000]


Ten Hands-On Equations Student Kits: ten sets of student game pieces and flat laminated balance.


Extras [Game Pieces]


Replacement set of student game pieces. 8 blue pawns, 8 white pawns, 2 red cubes (0-5), 2 red cubes (5-10), 2 green cubes (0-5), 2 green cubes (5-10) Laminated scale not included.


Laminated Balance Scale []



Teacher's Demonstration Game Pieces (full set) []


Full set of 24 demonstration game pieces for the teacher set.


Level I Replacement Manual []


This manual contains Lessons #1 - #7. Student learn the meaning of an equation and the concept of equivalence. They perform "legal moves" that maintain the balance of the system. They also learn to work with multiples of parenthetical expressions. In Lesson #7 they learn a pictorial representation for setting up and solving equations with unknowns on both sides.


Level II Replacement Manual []


This manual contains Lessons #8 - #16. Student learn to work with the white pawn, called star, which is the opposite of the blue pawn. (Together, a blue and white pawn is worth zero) Students employ various properties of equality to solve equations. Among the properties used in Level II are the addition property of equality, the additive identity property and the property of additive inverses. These technical names not be mentioned, but the students understand the underlying concepts. The students experience these properties on a kinesthetic level.


Level III Replacement Manual []


This manual contains Lesson #17 - #25, which introduce the green cube.


Replacement Class Worksheets []


These worksheets are the original ones that come with the program. Each worksheet has 10 practice examples, four on the new lesson and six on the prior lessons so that the student is constantly reviewing what he/she has learned until that time.


Replacement Classwork Sheets Answer key []


The Answer Key is an exact image of the worksheets, but with the answers noted, enabling the parent or teacher to quickly check all the student responses.




One worksheet per lesson, each containing ten (10) new examples. Answer Key included.


Teacher's Demonstration Scale and Game Pieces [T-1000]


This demonstration scale is a stationary scale with no moving parts. It is used to illustrate equations for the class using the accompanying teacher game pieces.

If the scale top or base is damaged during use, contact our office to find out how you can obtain a complimentary replacement part.