Hands-On Equations 3 for the iPad

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Adding and subtracting integers


 An advanced problem

"Great intro to Algebra!"

This Hands-On Equations Level 3 app is intended for students who have already completed Level 1 and 2 of Hands-On Equations and who would like the challenge of more sophisticated equations involving negative numbers.

In Level 3, the student solves equations such as 4x – (-4) = -8 and 3(-x) + 2 = -10 + x, which contain negative constants. The green numbered cube, which represents the opposite of the red numbered cube, is introduced at this level.

Since the red and green number cubes are opposite of each other, when they are together on the same side of the balance, their value is zero and may therefore be removed without affecting the balance.

A video introduction is provided for each lesson. (See the sample YouTube video at http://youtu.be/VFYQ47EAqZw.) Each video introduction is followed by two examples and ten exercises. It is essential for the student to view the lesson video prior to attempting the examples and exercises for that lesson.

Hands-On Equations is the ideal introduction to algebra for elementary and middle school students. Not only will students have fun and be fascinated with the program, their sense of self-esteem will be dramatically enhanced as they experience success with sophisticated algebraic equations.

High school students struggling with algebra will likely experience success and understanding for the first time as they work


Customer Reviews

Wonderful! ★★★★★

by GGrannyG - Version 1.4 - Oct 11, 2012

My students fight to get to use the one iPad I have in the classroom to reinforce the manipulative version we use in class. Only one problem, my students with disabilities have problems using the wheel. It would be helpful if they could use the keyboard or a "click (touch) and drag" like you do with the pieces on level one.

Great supplement ★★★★★

by Meow meow meow meow etc - Version 1.3 - Sep 30, 2012

I can't wait to use this app with my students. The videos are great to help students who were absent for the original lesson or for students who need to review a lesson. Having the manipulatives for the students to practice with on the iPad is crucial to applying the concept. I will be buying the level 2 app to use now with my 5th graders.

Great app to teach algebra! ★★★★★

by Froggyfeets - Version 1.2 - Sep 6, 2012

I love how he explains algebra! Math was always my favorite subject in school, but it came naturally to me so I had a hard time explaining why things work. Now I can help my fifth grader learn all about algebra without the stress. Thanks!

I Love HOE!!! ★★★★★

by Kim 4 Math - Version 1.2 - Sep 6, 2012

I've been using the physical version of HOE for fifteen years, and these new apps have added to my tool kit. Not only do this kids love it, but every teacher I show the apps to instantly wants to go get them for herself. Thank you for providing a new version of a classic tool!

Great App! ★★★★★

by Condra Allred - Version 1.2 - Sep 5, 2012

Having worked with Hands on Equations I and II, I was excited to work with students on level III! This app along with the others allows me to give students the option of using the the iPad or the manipulatives to work the problems out! I can use the level III to extend many fifth grade students!

with this app.