Developing Fractions Sense

Student Workbook C

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The Developing Fractions Sense Student Workbook C consists of 46 lessons, each focusing on one concept related to the 5th grade Common Core Math fractions standards, as well as three enrichment lessons on division of a mixed fraction by a unit fraction. Each lesson begins with an instructional component and is followed by a set of exercises.

Every new concept or skill is first introduced concretely using fraction blocks, or visually using rectangular grids, before the student is provided with the symbolic or arithmetic approach. This concrete to symbolic approach enables conceptual learning.  

The Developing Fractions Sense Class Set C for Thirty Students, DFS-C1030C, includes the Developing Fractions Sense Student Workbook C and a set of attractive plastic fraction blocks for each student, as well as a teacher guide with answer key.


Sample lessons may be found here.


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Staff Development

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